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Maine Update: Bloomberg’s Lies and Half-Truths Confusing to Voters

Maine is the second safest state in the country. We have 127.8 crimes per 100,000 (Law Street Media). Yet, Michael Bloomberg is spending millions in our state to convince people that crime would drop if his universal background check referendum passes.


Suspect Tried to Buy Handgun From Gun Store Just Before Mall Shooting, Owner Says

SEATTLE — The man charged with killing five people with a rifle at a Skagit County mall last week was turned away from buying a large-caliber handgun by an Island County gun store just hours before the attack, the store’s owner says. The store owner said Arcan Cetin, 20, was acting strange. “As soon as […]


Why This Virginia Tech Student Went On A Hunger Strike For Gun Rights

A Virginia Tech student, currently on a hunger strike advocating for the allowance of concealed weapons on campus, wants the right of self-defense abided by on his college campus. “I am advocating for Virginia concealed gun permit holders to be able to carry concealed on campus and in buildings and in the classrooms,” Ryan James […]


Oregon Judge Goes on Anti-Gun Tirade From the Bench: ‘Dump Them in the Ocean’

Calling them a “scourge of this country” that “no one should have,” a judge in Portland, Oregon, went on an anti-gun tirade during a sentencing hearing recently, The Oregonian newspaper reported on its website Wednesday. Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Walker made his remarks while sentencing drive-by shooter Marcell Lee Daniel Jr. on a […]


New Jersey: Anti-Gun-Control Video Project Gets H.S. Student Suspended

MANVILLE — A high school senior says he was suspended and ordered to undergo a psychological exam for completing an anti-gun-control school project he was assigned. Frank Harvey said a Manville High School teacher instructed him to create a video arguing against gun control for a junior college readiness class last year, according to News […]


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