AWwBA Photo Contest Round 1: Choose 2 Pics You Feel Best Represent Women and Shooting

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This is a tough poll, to be sure. All of the photos that met the criteria we were looking for (gun clearly visible and face clearly showing) were up for the contest. Even if the face was somewhat obstructed, so long as it was partially visible, it was allowed. From that group, 30 were chosen at random for the contest and they are included below. No women have more than one entry.

The poll is set up so you can vote for 2 every six hours, so please return to vote again and again. You don’t even need to vote for the same pics each time. This is the first of two rounds. The voting in round one will end at midnight est on January 15th. The top six (six-shooters) will be up for final round of voting starting on the 16th and ending on the 31st at midnight. The winning lady will receive a $125 restaurant gift card from a list of choices. Sign up over on the right for email updates so you’ll be notified when round 2 begins!

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  • Michael

    She’s a WINNER

  • Mike

    Yep, She’s always been a WINNER!

  • Mike

    I wish this was a dating site!

  • Wild Bill “The Prick” Walton

    Two in the chest and one in the head.

  • TinMan

    This one’s for dead-eye… RIP!

  • G-Man

    Georgia on my mind…

  • Navia

    Alexalee is definitely a great hunter, fisherwoman, and a great person.

  • Fred

    Alexalee all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul dobbie

    Awesome photos ladies!

  • Ben

    You’re pretty much the only girl that knows how to use a gun on this page.

  • Matt

    You really should find a picture of a female Cowboy Action Shooter!

  • William Hickox

    To me, firearm ownership is more than about hunting. It’s about responsibility, it’s about freedoms, it’s about citizenship, it’s about what it is to be an American and the awesome greatness passed on to us by our founders. And the ever present need to be vigilant. Yet have fun !

  • Celeste raymond


  • Women are known nurturers and protectors.
    They are also learning that the Second Amendment is every bit as important for a woman as for a man.
    I am so happy to see women standing up for their rights and realizing that
    No One Is Required To Be A Victim.

  • Peggy

    I voted for Kristen!!!

  • Nick Call

    Cerisse is a class act!!!


  • Steve Madore

    Cerisse also makes beautiful hand made holsters!

  • Christina

    Hey Matt! I competed in Cowboy Mounted Shooting for about 8 years and loved it! Good luck to all the ladies! Christina

  • carl

    nice piece

  • carl

    nice photo,i also grew up in WI.and lived in boynton beach for about 6 years

  • John

    I think there are very few things more beautiful than a woman who can & will use guns to put food on the table & to defend themselves if necessary. Thank you for promoting firearms use among women.

  • Larry

    Nice contest

  • teddy p

    I picked the winner

  • Divan

    I voted for robin!

  • Joni Lanphear

    Alexalee is the won!!

  • Debbie Underwood

    Alexalee represents all women hunters.

  • Tom Brannan


  • Allison Laflamme

    Vote for Lex! Awesome hunter!

  • Fred

    Please vote for Alexalee!!!

  • Navia

    She is the one to vote for, she will represent all woman.

  • Mac Hooper

    It is difficult to imagine anyone representing ‘American Women Who Bear Arms’ any more than does Alexalee.

  • Navia

    Don’t know what the last post was all about, but you go Alexalee.

  • Fred

    Win, Win, Win!!!!!

  • Chance

    The AWwBA could not ask for better representation than Alexalee!

  • Fred

    Let her win!!!!!

  • Navia

    Please vote for Alexalee!!!

  • Navia

    Vote For Alexalee!!!!

  • Fred

    Keep it up!!

  • Fred

    Is anyone else helping this girl out!!!!

  • Navia

    Come on people lets get voting for Alexalee!

  • Robin

    Thank you AWwBA for your support and for choosing me and allowing me to be a participant in this contest. It was fun and a first for me. And a big thank you to Sir Richard as well :), Robin

  • Robin

    I think I may have, no pun intended, jumped the gun with my thank you and I bid you farewell message. Wow, I had no idea! :)but still, thanks…

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