DIVA WOW Names Huntress Becky Lou Lacock as a Hunting Liaison [Video]

Written by: Jon James

Becky Lou Lacock (Pinterest)

Becky Lou Lacock (Pinterest)

Congratulations to veteran shooter/huntress Becky Lou Lacock! She has been named hunting liaison for for DIVA WOW.

DIVA WOW founder Judy Rhodes says, “We are delighted that Becky Lou, founder of a fast-growing Facebook Group called ‘A Girls Hunt Out,’ will be taking on the exciting role as our hunting liaison.”

In her new role, Becky Lou will be coordinating hunting trips for women in the organization.

DIVA WOW offers women affordable and high quality hunts, according to an article at Women’s Outdoor News.

According to Rhodes, “We like to think of it as the ultimate grocery shopping trip. A women can attend a hunt and be mentored by like-minded women, and then return with meat for the freezer and a whole new set of skills to pass along to other women or children.”

Below is some pretty impressive 3 gunning by Becky Lou recently, in Texas.

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