Final Six Shooters Vie for First Place in AWwBA’s First Photo Contest! [Poll]

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Well, this is the final round. Thousands of votes were cast in the first round of 30. This will be the deciding vote and will run through January 31st at midnight (est). In this round, you may only vote for one lady and you may vote every 2 hours. These women are all winners but we need to choose one to win the dinner for 4 and AWwBA swag package!

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  • Carol Boyd


  • Navia

    You can do it Alexalee!!!

  • Fred

    Way to go!!

  • Steve


  • Coastal dreamer

    So the contest changed from women who bear arms photo contest to women who hunt photo contest. Bearing arms is more than shooting game.

  • Lawrence A. Fichter

    Good looking bird you got there!!!

  • Susan Hennigan

    Alexallee personifies a strong confident huntress in my opinion and still appears feminine.

  • Chelsie Sawyer

    How awesome! Good luck, Lex!

  • Jennifer

    I think we should all vote for KRISTEN
    you can clearly see a gun her face and she is truly representing American Women Who Bear Arms!! This is not a hunting photo contest!


  • Lynda

    The girl shoots, hunts AND makes fantastic holsters! Pro 2nd Amendment all the way! Go Cerisse!

  • Karen

    Way to go Cerisse!

  • We’re voting for you Cerisse. Everyone who has one of your holsters should be voting. We have five — you definitely have our votes.

  • Denny

    I know Cerisse personally. I have watch her build her holster business. So I know that with her it is more than a pretty face. She spends her days with leather and guns. She and her family also shoot and I have seen pictures of some of her game kills. So if you truly want somebody to represent American Women Who Bear Arms there is not a better choice than Cerisse Wilson.

  • David Kelso

    I don’t know any of these girls, but Kristen looks like she can hold down the fort at a gun show…not an easy task for a woman! My wife hunts and is awesome at it but still amazed how she can work the gun shows!

  • deby

    Cerisse is the real deal! She lives and breathes firearms and hunting. … so much so that she started her own business making beautiful holsters.

  • Fred

    Alexalee may be small, but she can hold her own.

  • Navia

    Alexalee you can win this!!!

  • Christina

    Good job ladies! You all look fabulous!

  • Tina

    Cerisse …also make beautiful bracelets with the leftover leather..

  • Navia

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Fred

    Good Job

  • andrew

    Cerisse ftw!

  • Fred

    Go Alexalee

  • Navia

    Alexalee has 2 young children, and will bring them up to enjoy hunting and the great outdoors.

  • Great job the the game holster! Lookin’ good Cerisse.

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  • Cerisse is on a search & rescue team. Thank you for your dedication to this.

  • Navia


  • Fred

    Please vote for Alexalee!!!

  • karen

    vote for Christina, she recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan, she is the real deal

  • Carl

    Kristen is the real deal and yes she can hold her own at a gun show. She can shoot, sell, hunt and talk guns with the best of us guys!!! Please vote for her! She works two jobs and still has time to help support the family gun business. No matter who wins Kristen (aka PEE WEE) will always be a winner in my book!

  • Faith Merriam

    Alexalee!!.Great role model for women.

  • Erika

    Best of luck!

  • Fred


  • Navia

    Alexalee, You can do this.

  • David Loucks

    Cerisse’s holsters have holstered my heart for years. I have no reason to buy from anyone else. Beautiful and durable.

    Cerisse is the best!

  • Navia

    Keep up the great job Alexalee!

  • Fred

    Good Job Alexalee!!

  • Anna houle

    Thank you for being community minded!

  • Fred


  • Navia

    Great job ladies!

  • Debbie Underwood

    I know Alexalee personally. She is definitely a great representative of women in shooting sports. She is currently teaching thes talent to her 6 year old son as well.

  • Navia


  • Fred


  • Fred

    Your doing great!!

  • Navia

    Keep up the great work Alexalee!!

  • Navia

    Your almost at the end!

  • Fred

    Alexalee all the way

  • Fred

    It almost over!!

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