Senior Women Who REFUSE to be Easy Prey; ‘Women Armed and Ready,’ are Ready to Defend Themselves [Video]

Written by: Jon James

Women Armed and Ready

Women Armed and Ready

Sadly, senior citizens, especially women who live alone, can be easy prey for someone wanting to break into a home and steal valuables or drugs. These thugs also don’t care whether or not they inflict injury on the home’s resident.

In Aurora, Indiana, a group of ladies is learning how to, not only shoot but, shoot well. If someone comes busting down one of their doors in the middle of the night, they won’t be greeted with submission. Therein lies the beauty of this group and others like it.

Even though Mom’s Demand Action and Everytown seem to believe that women are all helpless, they are not. If these gun hate groups would stop calling us “gun nuts, ammosexuals and gun freaks,” their time could be used learning about firearms and teaching people they love how to defend themselves. The wildfire here is misinformation and the only we can stop it from spreading is to douse it with truth.

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