The Sig P320 Handgun: Safe or Not? [Video]

Written by: Jon James

P320 test by The Firearm Blog

P320 test by The Firearm Blog

I have never dropped a handgun but, if I ever do, I don’t want to hear a “BANG!” So, where does that leave me when it comes to a gun I want in my collection, the Sig Sauer P320? I’ll tell you where. Waiting patiently for a definitive fix for, what appears to be, a real safety issue.

You can find videos all over the place showing various drop tests on this firearm and, alarmingly, they often fire with no pull of the trigger. They, as anti-gunners like to say, just “go off.” The Firearm Blog’s TFB TV tested the gun with Patrick R. using a gunsmith’s hammer. The results are startling.

The 320, if you don’t know, is the modular weapon system that the U.S. Army has chosen as its standard issue sidearm. The military versions of this weapon, the M17 and M18, already has a fix, which amounts to a lighter trigger, according to a Firearms Blog story. For the rest of us (using the civilian model), the upgrade is available but the recall is voluntary, meaning many people will never even hear about the problem, let alone the fix.

Interestingly, the gun passed the required drop tests, however, the tests mandated don’t require that the gun be dropped at the angle which seems to be problematic for the firing mechanism. See the second video below from Omaha Outdoors for a full description and demonstration.

The P320 has been around since 2014 but, with increased popularity, the sheer number of them out there has caused this problem to come to light. It may be worth waiting until Sig starts releasing all of these guns with the upgrade. If you already have one, get the upgrade. Even though there’s no definitive proof that it will completely solve the issue, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

According to an article at TFB regarding the Sig fix: “They have lightened the Trigger, Striker and Sear by about 30% overall and added a Disconnect…”

Below the second video is a complete list of links referenced by Patrick R. in the TFB TV video.


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